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  • Hi guys new here

    Hi all,
    I'm glad I finally found a rams forum, I was surprised the official site does not have a forum attached to it but this one seems pretty much official lol. I like the rams a lot as a team though I have a few others I like (Den, afc so im safe lol) but the Rams rock. I like a lot of the young players I like Marc Bulger a lot(hopefully he overcomes his last couple years struggles) Donnie Avery Laurent Robinson I think we have a lot of offensive potential I just hope we have a good spark to get going. Not to mention we have awsome colors and unis lol. Just the Rams name for itself is cool. Great history with Warner, Holt Bruce some of my favorite all time Rams. Bruce is still a great player with SF and sad Torry Holt got released but good to remember what those greats did as Rams.

    Well thats some of me as a Rams liker, good to be here apart of a great teams community. Thank you all.

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    Re: Hi guys new here

    Welcome Lange. Good to have you here. It's refreshing to see new members who want to be positive, despite the tough times. Don't be afraid to let your opinions be heard.


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      Re: Hi guys new here

      What's up haven't been on here in a while


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      • caligirl
        hi, new here :)
        by caligirl
        hi, I'm Carolyn from California. i've been a fan since pre-season 1999...yes i have to put pre-season so i don't get accused of band-wagoning. i just found this board and hope to get to know others here. i work in an office of just me and my 3 year old so i have a lot of time on hands to sit and, well, check out message boards like this!
        -06-26-2007, 09:21 AM
      • ramuncle
        New guy says hi!
        by ramuncle
        Hi gang..another newbie here. I'll be following the Rams pretty close this year as our family has a vested interest in the new rookie crop; namely the 5th round pick at center from Clemson. From the sounds of what I've read so far it seems he's been pretty well received..and that when the time comes he'll have some pretty big shoes to fill. I read the articles on McCollum (sp?) and was impressed by his work ethic and devotion to "duty". (I'm an old school fan...and appreciate team loyalty) I'm hoping the knee works well for him so he can play the game his way. I admit to a soft spot for centers since I was one many, many yrs ago in HS. (in the days when playing both ways was not a novelty!)
        Anyway...just wanted to say hi and once I figure out how all this stuff works (and get up to speed on the entire team) I may get more involved in the ongoing discussions.
        In the meantime...Ram-on!
        -07-31-2007, 10:11 AM
      • snackdaddy
        Hi everyone, this is snackdaddy
        by snackdaddy
        Hello everyone. I'm new to this board. I've been on the RRF board for a couple of years now. Nothing wrong with that board. Its a great one. I just wanted to expand my horizons and check out some more Rams Talk. A little about my Ram history. I've been a fan ever since that Rams/Packers game in 1967. The old guys will remember that one. The Rams Blocked a punt in the last minute, returned it to the 5 and threw a TD to win and propel them to the playoffs. I've been hooked on them ever since. I was 10 years old at that time. About my username, I work at a women's prison and I ran one of the canteens. Thats where the inmates purchase goods. Kinda like a convenience store. They buy things like soap, shampoo, candy, chips, drinks, etc. I made a joke to a few of them telling them I was kinda like their snackdaddy. Well, the name stuck and that was my nickname till I left the canteen. So I use it a lot when I register on boards and other sites. So there're my history and I look forward to talking Rams football. I just wish we had something else to talk about other than the way they're playing.
        -09-30-2007, 02:41 PM
      • kewp80
        by kewp80
        Hi my name is Tim. I'm from Columbia, about 2 hours west of STL. I've been to only one Rams game, but I watch almost every game on TV. I also like the AFL. Its pretty sweet. If you've never been to an AFL game then your missing something. But just wanted to say hi.
        -02-07-2006, 03:41 PM
      • blitzah
        by blitzah
        Ive seen this site a few times before. I thought i was already signed up, but i couldnt sign in and noticed my username that i always use was available, so i guess not, lol. Anyway, im a Rams fan from the UK. Not a very happy fan obviously, the Rams are disappointing yet again. So here i am, hi!
        -09-14-2008, 04:20 PM