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  • whats gone wrong

    What's the problem we seem to be a joke team now
    does anyone thing we can win a game this season
    I'm just dissapointed thought we might make the playoff's
    I shoud be used to it but we got to stick together.
    come on rams:ram::helmet:

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    Re: whats gone wrong

    I have to tell you, I am getting quite disgusted with the level of play from our Rams! No, I dont think they will play well enouph to deserve a win this season but as usuall we will some how come away with a win or two when some better team fails to show up or takes the Lambs for granted. I do think you as does many of us rams fans always see the best in them and had our hopes up far too high for this season. I had them as a 4 to 5 win team this year but that isn't the case now. I do not see an oppenant this year that the rams have a decent shot to beat. Perhaps the Lions but even they are playing at a higher level right now. The Ram offense is utterly unbearable to watch right now. Spags has certainly had an effect on our improving D but the O is only gotten worse this year as they have zero chemistry or overall talent. I have been watching the Rams my whole life since the Jim Everett days and this is the worst. I understand we are rebuilding and it takes time but this is different. I for one am ready to welcome any change in ownership because the current owners with ther complete lack of interest in the team as has been the case for years now, and the overall lack of Football talent from the Top Down needs a complete face lift. Though I am from Fresno California, I am NOT a "return the rams to L.A. Guy. I would rather them stick it out in the wonderfull City of St. Louis and get this team playing competitive football again. "If you win, the fans will come". If this means Rush owning part of the team then so be it. And maybe the Blues owner can show the rams something. I know this is quite a rant but I had to blow off some steam! I have faith in Spags and think he is going to be a good one. (Anyone is better than Lin%#!$!!!!!) Lets right this Ship!


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      Re: whats gone wrong

      I think your "rant" was very well spoken. Welcome to the Clan .


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        Re: whats gone wrong

        welcome Seadog & RamTuff.

        we can air out the good and bad of Rams life on the Rams forum..look forward catching up with both of you over there.

        Ramtuff..i agree with a lot of what you say ..but just a friendly bit of advice because you`re new..
        addressing our beloved Rams (regardless of how bad we may currently be) by names made up by our "friends" in the town where Bert and Bruce walk hand in hand....just isnt gonna win over the hearts and minds of the Clan.

        Welcome aboard anyway..have a nice day!


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          Re: whats gone wrong

          It's going to be a season to remember. It's the season to be jolly ot meet Holly. It's not the best date to be on. But we should win at least two games. It looks like Detroit and or Tennessee are the dates for this team to even consider a victory.
          There once was a coach name Linehan and we thought that was a nightmare. It goes to show that we can always get worse.
          Welcome to the Clan. But we are diehards and we know one thing We Love Our Rams.
          Go Rams


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            Re: whats gone wrong

            Jacksonville on Sunday is very much a winnable game ..


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              Re: whats gone wrong

              Your right ramblin, we might pull off the win against the Jags and of course we have the added bit of drama of competing against Holt. Not as painful as playing against my fav ram, Bruce and his unmentionable team though. By the way sorry about the lamb comment, LOL.


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              • FestusRam
                Whats really exciting to me
                by FestusRam
                Havent really been on here much lately but just wanted to throw this out there and i figure most of you feel the same way.

                The most exciting thing to me about the Rams is after this Chargers win i feel like theyre a completely new team. After starting off 2-2 i was very optimistic but at the same time i remember a couple of years ago when Haslett stepped up and we one two games in a row. After those games we lost every other one.

                After the loss to the lions and losing Clayton, i was somewhat expecting us to plummet and end this season on a bad note. But after watching the Chargers game i think they proved something huge. I think they proved they are a legit team in this league and are on the uprise. I was excited about the wins against the Skins and Hawks but i wasnt so sure if we were all that good. IMO beating the Chargers put us on a whole dif level and no one can call all of these wins flukes. They dismantled the high powered offense as our offense got going too. This isnt just another rams team of the past 3 years that decided to show up for a couple gamers. This teams legit and are actually playoff contenders as of now. Thats exciting

                Besides that im pumped about seeing what Danario can do. I see no flaws in his game except his injuries. Im excited we finally have a tall big body that we can throw the ball up to in the endzone so hopefully they get him in more plays this week.

                GO RAMS!!!!! 3-3
                -10-20-2010, 01:58 PM
              • AZRamsFan1000
                Wanted....New Leadership Needed
                by AZRamsFan1000
                I am new to ClanRam and this is my first ever statement as a fan for over 35 years. I can honestly say this has been the hardist year to pull for them ( yes I include the early 90s)

                I believe a sucessful teams start at the top...i.e Kraft in New England.

                What do we have here...A guy that lives in LA and manages from 2000+ miles away???? An ownerships that cares more about their trust fund more then the business and St. Louis. They are looking to sell, they dont have the passion. It is simple..if you dont care about your business then you are one of two type of idiot or a trust fund baby.

                Here is my suggestion:

                1) Sell the team to people how are interested in making a championship team in St. Louis...(Inbev has cash)
                2) hire good people ( coaches and players)
                3) dont be afraid to spend a takes money to make money
                4) DONT forget your seems like a simple thing to over look but it has happened

                As long as this situation exists, I dont care who is quarterback, running back, coach, etc...they will suck....You need a owner that will promote excellence from the top down....Did anyone see Major League? The Rams remind me of that moive accept they dont have a hot owner and they cant rally to win....otherwise its the same....where is Willey Mayes Hayes??????

                Just my thoughts and I always welcome comments
                -12-10-2008, 06:05 PM
              • NJ Ramsfan1
                This is Why the Rams are Frustrating
                by NJ Ramsfan1
                Yesterday perfectly illustrated why this team is so frustrating to root for. The Rams epitomize inconsistency. From game to game from quarter to quarter, you don't know what you're getting. You're on an emotional yo-yo from the start. Just when you're ready to lament yet another loss in a winnable game, they pull one out of their hat. Unbelievable.

                The Rams beat Seattle two weeks ago- a great win. They proceed to go out there and get shellacked by Kansas City in a lackluster performance a week later. With absolutely no reason to think they'd even cover a 9 point spread on the road to a team that beat them the first time, much less win the game, they win. Ridiculous.

                This team periodically shows the capability of being a very good football team capable of going toe-to-toe with the league's best. Other times, they look like one of the worst three teams in football. Why?

                The offense- which has performed admirably and decently in stretches is now reminiscent of some of the junk featured in the Spags regime. No imagination. No cohesion. Below average productivity from the wide receivers ( an old story), a three-headed monster at running back in which performance has been spotty at best. Last year's leading rusher is an afterthought. Iffy offensive line performances- some good, some bad. Davis looks lost, his inexperience and limitations starting to show. It won't get easier.

                On the flip side, the defense- huge underachievers through the first several games came up big yesterday. This is what we envisioned before the start of the season. Is this a harbinger of things to come, or will we regress next week?

                I want to see this team string some good performances together on the heels of yesterday's big win.
                -11-03-2014, 05:01 AM
              • VegasRam
                I don't really know how to say this
                by VegasRam
                So I'll just say it, (with lots of disclaimers to follow;)).

                I think our first game this year is absolutely HUGE!

                If we win that game, (no matter how), it is going to go a long way towards INSTANTLY changing the mindset of our entire team. They have beat us eight straight, (some resoundingly and some squeakers), but eight nonetheless.

                We are getting no respect, (and don't deserve it); Seattle is, and is getting a pass for last year due to injuries, (which we never did, but that's yesterday's news), and it's on the road against (in my mind now), our most hated rival.

                I would go so far as to say, if we win, we are looking at a guaranteed 9 wins, and maybe more.

                (Disclaimer 1): If we lose, we'll win the predicted 5-6 games, which I really am OK with, given the state of the team when Spags took over.

                But I can just see Spags quietly, in his own intense way, telling the team after the game; "See...! See what happens when you focus and play with intensity, when you play as a team, when you pay attention to the little things, when you trust and believe in each other?"

                (Disclaimer 2) Again, if the Rams play well and lose, but can walk off the field with their heads up, and leave the Seahawks thinking, "those were not the Rams we've played the last 4 years", I'll be fine, and in no way will think the season's history.

                It's just that (IMO) winning would have an incredible impact on the team's attitude...

       that would stay with the team the whole year, and one that Spags could point to the whole season and say, "Remember opening day, on the road, against our fiercest rival, in a hostile environment...?"
                -09-03-2009, 11:16 AM
              • RamsInfiniti
                So, it's starting to become real ....
                by RamsInfiniti
                And that means no more excuses. You know, we've been one of the league's whipping boys for a couple years know. It's commonplace to crack jokes about the Rams, we have been one of the league's worst. And man, we're just now a decade removed from our glorious Super Bowl run ...

                So look at us now? The accountants and lawyers have been run out of dodge. We've got a real football man coaching this team, a real deal coaching staff, no more washed up defensive coordinators, or offensive coordinators trying to reinvent the GSOT. We've got solid football men running the show. While I don't think we'll be high octane and balls to wall, I do think these guys will put a smash mouth no nonsense product on the field, but still find a little time to be creative and fun ...

                So what does this all mean? Well, we are not going to be the laughing stock anymore. As somebody mentioned, eventually, somebody is going to start noticing us and then the Rams will matter again. And what will that mean? It will mean losing will really hurt. Not hurt like it did the past two years, because we were just plain bad. It will hurt because there are real expectations, because we will be expected to matter, and we will be expected to be a factor ...

                These guys are making all the right moves. Jason Brown was our splash, and I like that, but it's the little pieces that get added that will really count. It will be getting a Setterstrom back on the field, growing an Adeyanju, resigning a Jason Craft to do dirty work, rebuilding Tye Hill, that will make us contenders. Can they accomplish all this in a short period of time? We'll see ...

                But boy, what a transformation. Just a year ago, we were one of the oldest teams in the league, now we are one of the youngest. There is a new dynamic here. In recent years past, I've been nervous going into the off season and I've always tried to find someway to be positive, which I have succeeded at. I don't have to find a reason this year, because they've already given us quite a few ...

                I must say, the nervousness is REALLY here now, but not because I am afraid to lose. Believe it or not, I'm actually a little afraid of winning at this point ...

                Now figure that one out ...
                -04-07-2009, 08:43 PM