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  • Hello everyone

    Just checking in with my first post on this forum. Grew up in Cincinnati as a Rams & Bengals fan. I've followed the Rams since I was 5 years old from back in the day of James Harris, Lawrence McCutheon, Jack and Jim Youngblood, etc.

    I've had the privelage of seeing two Rams games at the Edward Jones Dome. Even though the Rams lost both, I must say I've had a great time. I've been lucky enough to go in style both times. I've seen one game from a luxury suite and another from the club level.

    Times are tough in Rams country right now, but the team needs to continue drafting well and turn things around. Hope they can do it soon.

    Go Rams!


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    Re: Hello everyone

    Welcome to the clan Redlegs, This is by far the best Rams site out there.

    MOST of us are pretty cool.


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      Re: Hello everyone

      Welcome Redlegs, you won't find a better place to talk Rams football than ClanRam.


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        Re: Hello everyone

        Welcome aboard Redlegs! Any relation to Crazy Legs? Probably not. Well, you're amongst friends. Feel free to dive into the discussions at any time.

        Go Rams!!!


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        • Revelstoke
          by Revelstoke
          Hello Rams Fans!

          Brad, from Canada here, home town is Revelstoke BC, hence the nick.

          Been a fan for a long time, used to post on the official Rams site under the same name.

          Just started looking for somewhere else to talk with other fans, this placed seemed to be pretty cool.

          Glad to be here, can't wait for the season to get moving, good to see some free agent activity already!!!

          GO Rams.

          See you all around.
          -03-12-2006, 04:15 PM
        • Lesson
          Hello to all
          by Lesson
          I post at Rams Talk under cardslesson101. Wanted to give this site a try.
          -04-03-2010, 10:45 PM
        • zulu
          Hello Everyone
          by zulu
          How's it going everyone? I just joined this site a few days ago. Just wanted to stop by and say Hello!

          GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          -08-01-2007, 12:33 PM
        • statesvegasram
          wanted to say hello
          by statesvegasram
          hey guys, been looking for a forum of this nature for quite a while... sort of tough being a rams fan in panther country. again, just wanted to say hello and that i'm looking forward to finally talking to folks who share the same passion for my beloved rams:helmet:
          -01-22-2006, 11:30 AM
        • dorotheajn
          Hello from Denmark
          by dorotheajn
          Hello everyone,

          I'm Thea and even though I have been a member for a little while, I have never posted before today.

          I started following the Rams after their SB win (at that time the SB was the only game of the year shown on TV here).. Today luckily it's different, we get at least 3 sometimes as much as 5 games a week, and every Monday when they post the games of the week , I hope that they show the Rams.

          I've been lurking now for some time, but though it was time to come out of hiding. This is a very nice board covering one of my favorite teams.
          -12-08-2007, 10:58 AM