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New to the site...Long time RAM fan

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  • New to the site...Long time RAM fan

    Long story short...35 year fan from PA, but now live VA. Been to numerous games in JAX, Atlanta, Philly, NY, but never seen them at home in LA or STL. Maybe some day.... Had to watch to super bowl win while floating in the Yellow Sea, with a bunch of loser titan fans. I was so happy when they won it, I had the whole room to myself for the trophy presentation.
    Suffering through the hard times just like any other RAM fan. Hoping for succes for Spags and team soon. Bleeding Blue and Gold....

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    Re: New to the site...Long time RAM fan

    Welcome VARAMFAN, you're probably not going to see us at our best right now with the way things are going, but you've still found the best Rams site in the world. Feel free to vent, or even discuss the better times to come.


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      Re: New to the site...Long time RAM fan

      well its a nice group you have here dudes


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        Re: New to the site...Long time RAM fan

        Good to see you fellas, welcome aboard!

        Go Rams :ram:


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          Re: New to the site...Long time RAM fan

          Welcome VAramfan. There are a few of us in VA. Which part do you live in?

          I live in Herndon, which is in Northern VA, west of the city.


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            Re: New to the site...Long time RAM fan

            Welcome, and yes, this is the best Rams forum on the net.


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              Re: New to the site...Long time RAM fan

              Virginia Beach


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                Re: New to the site...Long time RAM fan

                Definately the best fan's forum Ive found, anyway, since I joined Ive not been able to celebrate a win and talk it over with the Clan. Here's hoping that changes this week in Detroit? You never know? It would be nice to go into the bye with that monkey of our back.


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                • MauiRam1
                  Big Ram Fan From Maui, Hawaii
                  by MauiRam1
                  Aloha, Fellow RamFans!!!

                  Name's Mark and I've been a Fan of the Blue 'n Gold since 1969. Met Roman Gabriel and Tom Mack personally at a youth football camp. Since then, I bleed Blue 'n Gold! :helmet:

                  Kudo's to ClanRam for providing this site for us to visit and chat about our favorite team (and razz the 49'ers... oops.. The Panty Whiners).

                  And a word to the depressed fandom: as the wise poet said, "This, too, shall pass." We waited 20 years to get back to the Big Game (and WIN!!! ). What's a few more years of waiting?

                  Love Dem Rams!!!

                  -09-17-2008, 01:07 PM
                • Guest's Avatar
                  You Might Be A Ram Fan If...........
                  by Guest
                  I'll start

                  You Might Be A Ram Fan If you spend the off season on the ClanRam Boards
                  -06-11-2005, 07:05 PM
                • Ram Mar Ram
                  Ram Fan from Samoa (Western)
                  by Ram Mar Ram

                  Just thought i'd say hi, been a rams fan since LA. Hail from Samoa (South Pacific) Born in New Zealand.

                  Lets hope for an outstanding draft and free agency / trade coz we really need all 3 to go well to have a good year.


                  -02-22-2010, 03:02 PM
                • idahoramfan
                  Long Time Ram Fan
                  by idahoramfan
                  I am a long time Ram fan from back in the Los Angeles days. As with most of you, I have endured the highs and lows of being a Ram fan and have never given up on them even through the 90's. I am pretty pumped about our team this year.
                  -08-20-2007, 03:51 PM
                • teamtaverns
                  ram fan bars across country?
                  by teamtaverns
                  i am trying to compile a huge list of ram bars in different cities across the country, or at least find what bars ram fans go to watch the games. any info will help
                  -05-22-2007, 07:12 PM