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  • Just found the Site

    Hey Guys, just looked for a Rams website to talk about next season and this is what i found. I became a Rams fan and we won the superbowl the next year, so the last 4 years have been a disappointment. I'm a huge rams fan, I even got my room in Rams colors.

    As well as my brand new OJ Atogwe throwback (hence the username )

    My favorite Ram ever would be Marshall Faulk, after him SJ39 and Torry Holt. I hope i enjoy this forum!

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    Re: Just found the Site

    Welcome to the ClanRam.


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      Re: Just found the Site

      Where did you buy all the backwards memorabilia? That must be half price or something.


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        Re: Just found the Site

        Welcome. That room is exactly the same colors my old lady picked out for our bedroom.

        Just do us all a favor and post!


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          Re: Just found the Site

          Looks like my room.


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          • Idahawk
            New to the site
            by Idahawk
            Whats up guys ...I love the seahawks ..but also love football...all football ..not here to troll or talk smack...just football....I hope we all have the kind of season that we want....
            -07-25-2006, 11:40 AM
          • rckgf4
            by rckgf4
            Hi everyone,

            I'm a proud third-generation Rams fan, and pleased to be here! It looks like this site is a great source of information about my favorite team.

            -06-06-2006, 07:41 PM
          • stepoffl
            Just joined the site...
            by stepoffl
            Hey, im new to the site but not new to message boards, as I've been around the old board that got tossed and the stltoday board. None though has impressed me more than this board. I've come to this site many times just to read some of the great post made by some of the posters around here. I am very passionate about the rams, and I'll support them to the end. I hope to meet many rams fans just like me on the site; and I hope me finally joining this site equals a win against the chiefs this week!
            -11-03-2006, 12:51 PM
          • bcrox123
            Rams fan since 1999 just found this site
            by bcrox123
            I just discovered this site while looking for the wonderlic test for my sports marketing class. anyway i googled wonderlic test and one of the links in google was to this forum. its weird becuase im a rams fan and live in philadelphia but hate the eagles.i look forward to posting and reading threads on the rams. one question why is this forum called clanram??? whats with the clan part??

            -01-24-2012, 05:54 PM
          • djramsfan_nj
            Great Site
            by djramsfan_nj
            I am so glad a guy from NJ via Los Angeles CA could fin this site. It's so hard to find a forum like this dedicated to the Rams.

            I am glad I registered and wanted to say hi.
            -11-09-2006, 07:24 AM