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  • Where the devil have I been?

    High gang, its been entirely to long since I've been here.

    And boy have both our teams had a couple of seasons to forget. Anyway as you probably know lots of excitement over at my place the last few days but I'm woefully behind on what's happening with the Rams and you fans.

    I'll try to get up to date during this off season. And man may we both have better years next year. And I used to see a few of you over at our place, but not recently, what's up with that?

    I'm finally completely retiring this coming fall,(I retired 4 plus years ago but was working part time for O'Reilly until the wife retired), and one of the places we are going to go during our first winter away from the snow is St. Louis. I've flown through there a couple of times working but never seen the place from the ground. I'm counting on all of you to help with things to do while in the area.


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    Re: Where the devil have I been?

    Good to see your still around Pithyradish. I miss the spirited debate with you guys over at, but we've been neutered the last few years. Hopefully we'll have something worthwhile to talk about in 2010.


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    • Bar-bq
      A plea for leniency
      by Bar-bq
      I have to say, these last few days, I've been appalled by some of what I've read. This is inane. Completely. I mean, feel free to discount my theorizing; I'm but seventeen and have had probably had half as much life experience than the most of you. It's just... have you ever heard the phrase; 'Think before you speak?' It's occurring to me that the reciprocal extends to the phalanges and what you type.

      So I have to ask: Are there some things better left unsaid? Is there a point where heated debate--"keeping the Ram nation talking"-- transcends that description and descends into John Milton's Chaos? Is argument, and it is exactly that, in some such circumstances as we've been privy to here at the Clan the last few days, completely futile?

      As a spectator of these events, I have to say that simple existence here at the Clanram has become the bane of existence itself the last few days. It seems like we're all talk, and no listen. Everyone has a destination, but hasn't considered the alternative route to reaching it.

      I'm not going to delve into the "everybody has an opinion" cliche. But when that opinion is utilsed to purvey thoughts that are personal, attacking or plain mean, you're defeating the purpose of what we've had going here. And that's exactly what I've been perusing the last few days has been- mean. A gang mentality- forget SLOP, forget SLAP, it's certain posters and their allies going against other posters and theirs. And what's Ironic is that the Clanram is a nurturing environment. "The biggest and best Rams website in the world". This, my friends, is our common ground. We are all Ram devotees.

      And so; a plea for leniency from perhaps your youngest regular poster.

      Please, please, can't we be friends?
      -07-31-2008, 04:26 AM
    • RamDez
      Keane: This is where I belong
      by RamDez
      ďI FEEL this is where I belong.Ē With these words, Roy Keane announced his arrival at Celtic Park in a transfer that is the most high-profile the club has ever been involved in.
      Certainly the impact it has made stretches way beyond the confines of Scotland and it only serves to further increase the stature of the club throughout the football world.
      The Irishman has signed an initial 18-month contract, keeping him at the club until June 2007. And as news quickly spread of the signing coup, Celtic supporters began to gather outside the front entrance of the stadium in their hundreds.
      Facing a packed media today as he was officially unveiled, Keane himself looked calm and confident and spoke with a quiet assurance that the decision to sign for Celtic is the right one for him.
      ďItís a great move for me,Ē the Irish internationalist said. ďIt was important that I took my time over the past three or four weeks but now that everythingís done itís a good day for me. Itís been a strange few weeks since leaving United but itís a great move for me and Iím really looking forward to the challenge.
      ďIt was important I took my time and made the right decision and walking round the club today I felt really comfortable. Iíve met one or two of the players and I feel this is where I belong. Itís been documented over the years that Iíve been up to Celtic Park for a few games and Iíve always enjoyed coming up and watching them. Theyíre seeking to improve and win titles, and thatís what Iím in the game for. Iíve not come up here on a PR trip or an ego trip or to unwind, far from it.
      ďIím here to win football matches and help the squad. Iím very much a team player, despite the reports. I want the team to do well and thatís what Iíve come up here for and thatís what Iíve come up here for, to help the club move onto the next level and win trophies.
      ďThatís what Iím in the game for. Iím not necessarily in the game to be popular. I like training hard, I like playing hard. I like pushing myself. I like pushing the people I work with hard. In the modern day there seems to be a problem with that but thatís what I enjoy doing.
      ďA team like Celtic, which is challenging for trophies, needs a big squad and Iím well aware that the players who are at Celtic have done very well. Iím under no illusions that Iím going to come up here and walk straight into the team. Iíve never done that in my career. Iíve never taken my position for granted so what Iím looking to do over the next couple of weeks is to train hard and give the manager a problem.
      ďBut I think when I was at my previous club, when we bought midfielders I saw that as a challenge and hopefully the players here will see that as a challenge. If you want to be successful you need a big squad and everyoneís going to be vying for eleven positions and Iím no different from that.
      ďOver the next couple of weeks my priority is to try and get a bit of sharpness and getting to...
      -12-15-2005, 11:52 AM
    • MauiRam
      Steven Jackson: Moving on and moving in
      by MauiRam
      From Steven Jackson's blog

      After you sign the contract and do the press conference, make the whole media circuit and meet everyone there in Atlanta, the real task begins and that's finding a place to settle down and call home.

      That experience has actually been a lot more than I even thought it would entail, and a lot more challenging than I anticipated.

      It's been challenging because my oldest son is still in school, so I can't uproot him. He has to go to school Monday through Friday, so I've been bouncing back and forth between St. Louis and Atlanta.

      I had been to Atlanta, but only to visit family members, so I never really explored the city. It's completely different when you're visiting people for a getaway weekend than to actually be relocating and calling it home. We went to a couple of restaurants here and there. But as far as going on the interstate, or into certain neighborhoods, I'd never done that. So I've been getting lost and trying to find my way back around town.

      I talked to Matt Ryan about where he lives and what he likes about it and I bounced a few things off Coach Smith as well to get his feedback and find out what kind of schedule he runs and the way things operate. I figured I'd talk to the two leaders of the team and go from there.

      I also had a chance to briefly meet Julio Jones and I've known Roddy White over the years, being in the NFL and crossing paths throughout the years, but I haven't had a chance to meet all of my teammates yet. I did attend our first team meeting a few weeks back and there was a lot of introduction and a lot of shaking new hands.

      But every few days, I have to come back to St. Louis and do some more packing up of the house. So constantly being pulled between two states, I haven't had that quality time for me to get to know those guys. But we'll have time, coming up with OTAs and mini-camp to spend together and get to know those guys as we get ready for training camp.


      Being in St. Louis while not being a member of the Rams for the first time has been strange.

      I always knew that this day would come, that one day, I would retire or play for another team. But it has been challenging to hear people talk about the organization that I'd been a part of for nine years.

      There are young players that I consider little brothers, and I have a vested interest in them having successful careers for themselves, but I'm not a part of that now. That's been an adjustment. Although a business decision has been made, that doesn't take away from me wanting the best for them or even the friendships that we had.

      There are so many guys -- Sam Bradford, Chris Long, Daryl Richardson, William Hayes, the list goes on -- that I keep in contact with there. We talk, but we don't necessarily talk football. Now our conversations are about overall...
      -05-11-2013, 12:46 PM
    • RamWraith
      Lots of Player Quotes
      by RamWraith
      S Oshiomogho Atogwe

      April 3, 2009

      (On being designated as the Rams franchise player)

      I think everything is a good thing. Itís a blessing to come out here and play. And to be thought of as one of the top five at my position is an honor. I relish this.

      (On why he attended minicamp if he has not signed his franchise tender)

      ďI donít have to be (here) contractually, but I feel like Iím obligated to be here for my teammates and for my coaches. Going forward in this year, if I want to be a part of this team I want to be a part of this team from the beginning to the end and I think itís important that we all put aside our own personal stuff and just really sacrifice for the team. Put the team first and allow us to come together as one unit so we can get a lot done this year.Ē

      (On his early impressions of Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo and the coaching staff)

      ďIím enjoying them right now. Itís our first minicamp so itís kind of the grace period where you kind of learn how theyíre coaching and they learn how we work. From a first impression standpoint, I think itís going to be a great marriage. Itís going to be a great community that weíre building here. I think the coaches are really pulling for us and really trying to teach us in a manner thatís going to allow us to be successful on the field and weíre trying to work in a way thatís going to allow us to be successful on the field.Ē

      (On why he decided to attend camp besides his loyalty to his teammates)

      ďAs a player, youíre really only guaranteed your next play or the play that youíre in or the year that get. So I have this year. Going forth, I donít know whatís going to happen after this year, I donít know whatís going to happen after this day so Iím blessed just to be able to say, ĎOK, I get another year to play. Let me focus on that one year that Iím in and then after that weíll worry about that.í For today Iím worry about today.Ē

      (On if he has talked with S James Butler and started to meld as a tandem)

      ďYeah, definitely. Me and James, our communication and just our rapport is already on high just from us being together for the last three weeks. And knowing James since we both came out in the í05 Draft, we already have that camaraderie. I think as I continue to learn the defense, heís a lot further ahead in the defense than I am, as I become a lot more comfortable in the defense and weíre on the same page as far as what we know, it will just take off from there.Ē

      (On if he likes the new defensive scheme)

      ďI definitely enjoy the scheme. Right now it seems like a very aggressive defense where it has the defense really attacking the offense and not so much sitting on the heels. We played an aggressive style of defense again...
      -04-05-2009, 08:56 AM
    • RockinRam
      This Season is Actually a Success
      by RockinRam
      I think this spoiled Rams fanbase should calm down. Who are we to expect such impossible results from this team this year? Shame on us. Shame on us.

      If you think about it, it's a miracle our offense even has had this much production this year. I praise each and every single player for their valiant effort and resolve. Who are we to anger quickly when our receivers drop passes? Their hands are bruised and bloodied from moving all of their boxed posessions from St. Louis to LA. It's unbelievable that they even still have hands. And Gurley? We should be blessed he's even showing up to the games. He's such a superstar in the TV realm that we should be counting our lucky stars that he makes time for us lowly fans on Sundays. And our defense? They try so hard. They might not cover very well and may not get many sacks, but these guys are really pushing the envelope in terms of their development. E.J Gaines is really fighting tooth and nail out there. He's injured almost every single part of his body; I can't believe he's not in a body cast. He would be prime-Darrelle Revis if only he drank a bit more milk. Don't even get me started about William Hayes. He has really lived up to expectations - spreading Mermaid awareness is like another full-time job. Chris Long who?

      Folks, It's been such a tough season for this team, with the soul-crushing move to Los Angeles, where the weather is always so sunny and warm. Sun-burnt skin is a widespread problem. And not to mention all those long plane rides around the country? So exhausting. And don't even let me forget about that death-defying trip to's a blessing these guys are still functioning. It really has been such a rough and tedious journey, and having 80,000+ extremely loud fans at all the home games must really get irritating after awhile. I can only imagine the crippling anxiety that they must feel on that field with such big expectations from such a large fan base. It truly is a wonder that we are 4-8. I call this season a success and am elated we re-signed our savior Fisher to another 2 years. Let's all send appreciation letters to Fisher and his crew for leading us through this unpredecented move from the Midwest to Southern California.

      Next year will be a great year. With our players finally settling in to their lavish abodes in Malibu, with Fisher finally getting to go on that Alaskan fly fishing trip this off-season, with Snead re-stocking his salon-quality pomade (I mean, it's ridiculous to think that he would even have time to shop this season with the crazy responsibilities of being a perennial all-star draft king on the offensive side of the ball), with Goff finally turning into a real man at the prime time age of 23, with our o-linemen finally realizing that they should start doing squats again because LA-style skinny jeans just aren't meant for them, this team will be Superbowl contenders. Mark my words.

      -12-05-2016, 04:54 PM