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  • Ram Fan from Samoa (Western)


    Just thought i'd say hi, been a rams fan since LA. Hail from Samoa (South Pacific) Born in New Zealand.

    Lets hope for an outstanding draft and free agency / trade coz we really need all 3 to go well to have a good year.



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    Re: Ram Fan from Samoa (Western)

    Welcome Ram Mar Ram, it should be an interesting next few months.


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      Re: Ram Fan from Samoa (Western)

      i like the interesting opinions and the fact that im the lone Rams fan in my country so i can conversate with people (most people dont want to waste their breath with the worst team of 2009 ..

      Most people in Samoa follow the Samoans ... the 49'ers in the 90's and the Steelers today. a few patriot and colt fans with a sprinkling of Seahawk & Bears peps. Why did Tionoisamoa have to go . i bought his jersey a year before he left. US dollars are expensive.


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        Long Time Ram Fan
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        I am a long time Ram fan from back in the Los Angeles days. As with most of you, I have endured the highs and lows of being a Ram fan and have never given up on them even through the 90's. I am pretty pumped about our team this year.
        -08-20-2007, 03:51 PM
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        Oh... I'm sorry...

        Were you expecting to see something else when you opened this thread?

        Shame on you!...
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        Another Old Ram fan has come on board!
        Hello everyone. I just signed on here yesterday, found the place by accident, actually. But, it's nice to find a place where I can talk about my favorite sports team. I'm in Huntington Beach California, and have watched and followed the Rams since their playing days at the LA coliseum. Unlike many of my fellow Ram fans here in So. Cal, I stayed with the horns even though that "b***h" took my team away from me and moved them to St Louis. Anyway, it's great to get online here and read and chat about the Rams. Tonight's the first preseason game of 2006, and I'm so anxious to see the "new-look" Rams. I guess one good thing about being a Ram fan in California is I get to see the game on TV, which I understand is blacked out locally. Hmmmmm, that situation sounds familiar. In the last few dismal years in LA, we suffered the same fate. Dwindling attendance and blackouts. For you guys in St. Louis, don't let that happen! Support your team, or Madam Ram may.... well, you never know. GO RAMS!!!!
        -08-10-2006, 08:12 AM
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        I'll start

        You Might Be A Ram Fan If you spend the off season on the ClanRam Boards
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