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Na'il Diggs and LB core, can someone explain...?

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  • Na'il Diggs and LB core, can someone explain...?

    We just signed Na'il Diggs a day ago to help out at linebacker (possibly either side Strong or Weak). He's going to be 32 in a couple of months and has already played 10 seasons, though not all of last year due to injury.

    Can anyone explain how this is an upgrade? Why not have kept Will Witherspoon (another former Panther acquired through free agency). We certainly lost a difference maker on defense without acquiring a difference maker when he went to Philly. Oh yeah and he's 3 years younger than Na'il (plus about 40 more tackles a year).

    Or for you real fans how about when we let go Pisa Tinoisamoa before last season, you remember the guy that had led our defense in tackles the two years prior to 2009??? We got nothing as a result of his release.

    It just seems to me a team that has so much rebuilding to do in key roles, can't afford to release and trade away the few pieces that are working and DO HAVE talent to go with something left in the tank. It's hard to argue that salaries are really the issue when these guys were actually earning their checks.

    Please don't take my word for it, while Pisa and Will were not pro-bowl caliber compare their stats to Na'il and tell me which you think could help this team as a veteran leader in the long haul?

    Unless someone can sit back and enlighten me that these guys wouldn't work in Spags system or were poison in the locker room I cannot imagine that their release was a move in the positive direction for a defense that has ranked near the bottom of the league for most of this decade.

    Hard to 'Believe' in the rebuilding process when the team seems to be sliding further and further downhill.

    /shakes head in disappointment
    Pisa and Spoon
    Diggs and Vobora
    Diggs and Chamberlain

    The poll is expired.

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    Re: Na'il Diggs and LB core, can someone explain...?

    Spags wanted to get bigger at the LB spot, and he has done just that. Also, don't discount the player (Gibson) and pick (5th round) obtained for Spoon.


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      Re: Na'il Diggs and LB core, can someone explain...?

      Originally posted by AvengerRam
      Spags wanted to get bigger at the LB spot, and he has done just that. Also, don't discount the player (Gibson) and pick (5th round) obtained for Spoon.
      I hope Gibson develops, god knows we need help at WR. But I stress who right now makes more of an impact? Keeping Spoon around with Lauranitis while trying to beef up the Def or a no-name, yet to demonstrate impact WR and a late round pick?

      I'd have kept Spoon. I'll even restate, younger, faster, more productive. Beef up the line not the linebackers!


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        Re: Na'il Diggs and LB core, can someone explain...?

        Pisa was ALWAYS injured, just ask Chicago so no matter how good you think he was, he was never on the field.
        Spoon was a very good LB imo, but he was ALSO a leader in the locker room and was moved to bring in the young NEW leader who had to be ESTABLISHED . = a possible conflict imo.
        Vobora I think is a project who has shown some promise and I hope he comes on in camp and wins the 3rd starting spot, provided we dont draft a stud.
        Diggs is solid. Hes not a pro bowler but a good veteran that understands JL is the leader here.
        Chamberlian has as much of a chance as anyone, to PROVE he can play. Except for Diggs and JL they are all on 1 year deals I think, so it'll be a tough competition with guys in their 2nd or 3rd years.
        If we add a draft pick he can fight for the 3rd spot with eveyrone else I think we might be ok at LB this year compared to other positions.


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          Re: Na'il Diggs and LB core, can someone explain...?

          Spoon had a larger contract, wasn't producing as much as expected, and was traded for an extra pick and a promising young receiver. He just wasn't worth the money he was paid. Diggs contract isn't as big im sure, fills a short term need, and was obtained along with the 5th rounder and Gibson that we received in exchange.

          Your lucking at how does this help "now". How about you give them a bit of time to add some talent to supplement, eh?

          Pisa was already injured, took up too much money, and imo just wasn't that good. not to mention he was undersized.


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            Re: Na'il Diggs and LB core, can someone explain...?

            if fans can`t trust the experts to know what they doing....and think every decision they make is wrong because they despite having 27 years fewer experience in the NFL ,know better than those who have that experience, until they have actually seen the product on the field during the regular season..its gonna be a long 5 months...very few roster spots are locked down 5 months before the regular season starts..OLB for the Rams is not one of the few...neither of the two.

            Spoon probably wouldnt have been on the roster at this point if we hadnt traded him..we just wouldnt have got a Rookie wideout with great promise and a 5th rounder this year for him.

            i would add that we wouldnt have been in the position to draft whoever we want with the 1st pick this year if we had kept Spoon for the season..but having actually watched every game of his Rams career and in particular the last 22 regular season games of it..we would have got the 1st overall pick regardless of if we traded him or if we just kept him till his contract run out.


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              Re: Na'il Diggs and LB core, can someone explain...?

              Diggs & Carpenter

              I want an all-Buckeye LB core!


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                Re: Na'il Diggs and LB core, can someone explain...?

                Na'il Diggs, James Laurinaitis, and Bobby Carpenter; all played in Ohio State as Linebackers. Coincidence is it not?

                ♪ R.I.P. Nujabes ♫


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                  Re: Na'il Diggs and LB core, can someone explain...?

                  Na'il Diggs, Bobby Carpenter, James Laurinaitis, and Larry Grant(backup) all played for Ohio State.

                  Why does spags like Ohio State LB's so much?


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                    If we get Suh I think the Dline is fixed, with the up and comers and AC having to play for his job next year.

                    55 is the man! Id like to see a LB picked with our 2nd. That way our front 7 would be pretty solid. I guess Vobora is our SLB. I dont think we have anyone since Spoon left on WLB.

                    FA the Oline holes, and stick with the Bulger unless something good presents itself.(maybe Null) Philly forums thinks Vick is worth a 1rst rd pick HA!!!!!

                    We have like 5 recievers comin back next year surely a few can play.

                    TEs for this team are a joke. I hope we part ways with RM.

                    DBs well, we'll have to see. Im hoping for Fletcher, but Kings coverage has ALOT of holes.

                    I think Spags has proven to be able to get something out of nothing so whatever he does I think next years team will be improved, I just hope its with a solid D that teams dont LOOK FORWARD to playing against.
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                    Im seeing alot of people make mocks with drafting Edds in the 4th or 5th round and just making him starter.

                    Theres a reason he is a mid rounder and not a highly scouted player.

                    Today Chris Gocong went to the Browns along with Sheldon Brown. Why didn't we deal for Gocong? He is better than Edds.

                    Also do you think we should try to do a better job a WLB than a mid round rookie?
                    -04-02-2010, 12:36 PM
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                    Who is going to replace him now that he is out for the season?
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                    I don't understand the "cut Pisa" theory.
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                    For those who are entertaining the notion of cutting Pisa, please explain the logic to me.

                    Well HUb, we would save $2.3 mil.

                    True, but the average NFL salary is $2.3 mil (salary cap / 53). I would say Pisa is an above average player, no?

                    But HUb, he's too small.

                    So you're either going to replace him with somebody on the roster already, of which none are bigger than Pisa, except Culberson by 5 pounds; or pay a free agent more than $2.3 mil to get equal play?

                    It's not that big a loss, HUb.

                    I disagree. Pisa has led this team in tackles 4 of his 6 seasons in the league. And is the team first, high character guy that DeSpags says they want.

                    But Spoon is moving to WILL, HUb.

                    Yes, he is. But you don't think we need backups as well? This team had 7 LBs hit the field last year, and 5 started games. We've averaged 8 and 5 over the past decade. We need more than 3 guys who can start in this LB corp.

                    He's easily replaced.

                    Again, by whom? Vobora? Chamberlain? Draft? Culberson?
                    Or maybe a FA who is willing to sign for less than average money (<$2.3 mil) but better than average production like Pisa?

                    I'm willing to listen to logic, but cutting Pisa just doesn't pass the cost:benefit test for me.
                    -02-20-2009, 08:04 AM