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Thank you to whomever changed the colors - the yellow was harsh!

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  • Thank you to whomever changed the colors - the yellow was harsh!

    Much better on my old man eyes now.

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    No problem, a few other changes will be happening ;)

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      the other one had a flavor. This kind of generic.

      why change?


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        Originally posted by hugobezdek View Post
        the other one had a flavor. This kind of generic.

        why change?
        Change has been a consistent variable at ClanRam.

        I have been here for over a decade of changes, and Dez does a great job staying on top of current events. The one thing he did that always drove me - and likely everyone else - into seizures was throwback week when he pulled out the bright yellow and blue - it literally burned retinas of several members...

        And the April Fools pranks were solid gold.

        For a look back at where we were about 12 years ago...check this link out!


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          Love the new design. As the OP said, much easier on the eyes and looks slick too!


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            absolutely love it!


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            • RamDez
              For 24hrs ONLY ------- Throwback skin
              by RamDez
              Just to give the regular members who stick here through the off-season, here is the new ClanRam Skin for the weeks that OUR Rams will play in throwback colours
              -07-31-2013, 02:40 PM
            • Curly Horns
              Throwback Skin!
              by Curly Horns
              Everyone give the Boss a hand on the throwback colors!

              Nice touch, Dez

              -10-29-2013, 07:29 PM
            • RamDez
              News for the ClanRam members
              by RamDez
              I spent an eventfully couple of hours at Rams park with Dodram while in St Louis.

              I thought I would share a couple of items with fellow Clan

              1) The gold stripe under the arm on the uniform is history for next year. It will be removed from the uniforms for the 2002 season.

              2) The blue pants will get an airing in the 2002 preseason.

              3) The white pants will never be worn as long as we have our present owner ;)

              4) Look for a change to the Dome turf in the next couple of years.

              There is more, but I require copious amounts of beer frist
              -10-02-2001, 05:53 PM
            • jjigga3000
              Uniform Change?
              by jjigga3000
              Since a lot of us have been somewhat touchy on the subject of relocating. Let's talk about a New Uniform. I personally have disliked the new colors ever since they came out with those uniforms. I would love to see the new uni's with the old colors with a optional blue and white uni. something like these. What say ye. Let's post ideas, better than talking about something we can't control....
              -01-15-2015, 10:10 AM
            • chucknbob
              The Rams Looked GREAT
              by chucknbob
              .... until they took the field.

              I like the throwbacks. Granted, I don't think this team deserves to wear the same uniforms as the GSOT, but I am glad we jumped onto the throwback bandwagon.
              Rams should keep going back to the throwbacks
              Stay with the gold. Down with yellow.
              -10-12-2009, 04:27 PM